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Rising Hope Ministries Inc. is a non-profit religious organization, whose purpose is about putting into action the Gospel of Our Lord Christ Jesus in the lives of the lost generation and to the forgotten people. We at Rising Hope Ministries realize that is a broad statement, however, our focus will be in three main areas. Our first focus will be on Hope. Life happens, when good things happen we tend to dream big and walk with our head held high. When life knocks us down we become afraid to dream we just try to get to the end of the day without falling apart. Our head held down in hopes that no one will notice us. The Ministers of Rising Hope Ministries have been through some of life’s toughest moments, they want to share their testimony so that you can have hope. You may not have had it as rough as them and if God has brought them through God will bring you through as well. Second, we will focus on encouragement. We want to encourage you to dream again. Although we have made mistakes and these mistakes have made life a little more difficult. Our dreams are still possible. We cannot achieve our dreams on our own efforts. We have a savior who bore a cross so that we can achieve our dreams. Third, we will focus on empowerment. There is no need to hope, or encourage if you are not willing to try! If you fall one hundred times we will encourage you to get up one hundred and one times. You must get up that hundred and one time. Failure only wins if you give up. Learn from each fall and get up again and again. You are not dead! allow God’s strength to empower you to get up again. To achieve the greatness within you, you must not give up.

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