What we're about

You should join us if you:

1) believe that decentralized systems are better than centralized ones;

2) believe in open source and believe in the beauty of humanity;

3) work in the technology industry or are interested in technology.

We want to create a shared space for people to discuss decentralization, blockchains, technology, and most importantly, we want you to come and hang out!

This is a meetup where forward-thinking people can meet with like-minded individuals. We believe cryptocurrency will fund the Open Source movement and create economically sustainable systems for communities globally and locally.

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/decentralsf/

The Decentral community originally comes from Vancouver. This is a new node of the Decentral network that needs your participation. If you would like to understand the principles of the Decentral community better, please check http://decentral.network/

(We share this meetup group and encourage members to DM organizer if you want to host events through this group on similar topics.)

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