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Decentralize.Today is an online publication that talks about the topics of privacy, decentralisation, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain tech, and other next-generation technologies. Our writers include specialists in cybersecurity, developers, book authors, company executives, journalists, and crypto enthusiasts who regularly share their insights into recent developments in the space with 17.000 readers worldwide. Decentralize.Today aims to deliver unbiased, high quality content to you and provide a place for open discussion and borderless collaboration.

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Binance Meetup Manila | Crypto Debates: Centralization vs. Decentralization

Decentralize.Today is excited to collaborate with Binance Philippines and bring to you an evening of exclusive insights into decentralized exchanges as well as a heated crypto debateー Learn how to use the Binance DEX in a hands-on tutorial, and then watch and participate as two worlds collide: four representatives of Manila's crypto community are battling it out over one of crypto's hottest topics: centralization vs. decentralization! The debate will focus on two categories: Round #1 | Exchanges - centralized or decentralized? Round #2 | Data Ownership - centralized or decentralized? Entering the ring are: ーTeam Centralizationー Miguel Cuneta (co-founder, SCI - www.twitter.com/miguelcuneta) Lina Seiche (editor-in-chief, Decentralize.Today - www.twitter.com/linaseiche) ーTeam Decentralizationー Luis Buenaventura (founder, Bloom - www.twitter.com/helloluis) Chris Verceles (co-founder, Lifemesh - www.ph.linkedin.com/in/ctverceles) To see how the debate will go down, check out our official Telegram group: https://t.me/decentralizetoday __________ Please use this form to RSVP and secure your seat at the event: www.bit.ly/BinancePHMeetup The event is free of charge. Binance will have food and goodies ready for you. :) See you there! __________ Hello from Decentralize.Today! Check out all things tech, decentralization, privacy, and cryptocurrency: www.decentralize.today Say hi on Twitter: www.twitter.com/decentraltoday Stop by on Facebook: www.facebook.com/decentralizetoday Visit on Instagram: www.instagram.com/decentralizetoday Chat with the community on Telegram: www.t.me/decentralizetoday Send us a message: [masked]

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