What we're about

With the emergence of a new generation of blockchain technologies aspiring to create a new internet and power our daily lives, comes a significant challenge; how do we realise the potential of this technology from a user-centred lens?

Decentralized Design is here to cultivate a community of researchers, designers, product managers and similar, working on demystifying a highly technical space in order to bring forth real user value.

In the absence of a clear onboarding route for designers and design thinkers, our events will focus on enabling the conversations we need to have, learning from those who are currently tackling design problems in this space and building out the practices that will enable constructive and positive futures for decentralized technologies.

Past events (3)

Designing for DeFi feat. Argent, Maker and Mode


Modern Human presents Pizza Block

Clerkenwell & Social

What's so different about decentralized design?

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