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“‘Ulysses’ innovated for itself and itself only. It is inimitable. It is also possibly mad.” Anthony Burgess

This is an act of desperation. Another Bloomsday has come and gone and I am no closer to understanding James Joyce’s “Ulysses” than I was when my high school literature teacher floated the idea forty freaking years ago. Not only am I not able to understand the story, it seems I am incapable of even finishing the damned book. Multiple editions (“original”, Stuart Gilbert edition, Gabler's "corrected edition"), audio books, CliffsNotes… I have left no stone unturned in my quest. I turned away in shame many years ago, but the obsession returns. So what about you? Do you know? Do you want to know? Do you have the capacity to lead the expedition or the fortitude to follow unknowingly into the breach? There must be others who strive to understand this enigma. Be a light in that darkness. Help a brother out…

Organizer's note: For those of you keeping score at home, the group successfully navigated "Ulysses" and will now bravely endeavor to conquer other modernist or generally-difficult-to-read volumes. If you need to establish some literary cred with your posse, come join our reindeer games. The Joyce Division is the best and the brightest. At least intermittently...

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The Dying Grass - Vollman

Rose City Book Pub (Formerly County Cork)

We're gonna finish it.

Rose City Book Pub (Formerly County Cork)

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