What we're about

Our event is designed for those who have learned Chinese but lack chances to practice it; or those who wish to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture in light-hearted ways other than obscure ways; or those who wish to learn Chinese but not knowing where to start.

Our event includes two sessions:
1. Decoding the meaning of 5-10 selected Chinese characters.
2. Practicing Chinese

First session is to decode the meaning of selected Chinese characters by a specialist in this regard. Each Chinese character was created with connotations by the ancients. This decoding would be significant in helping you to grasp the essence of Chinese culture, and makes an easier threshold into learning the language and its culture.

Second session is a Chinese study session. You will share a table with a native speaker, there will be 2-3 people per table, and you will spend 10 minutes speaking in English, then 10 minutes speaking in Chinese. Then the participants will be rotated so that everyone can practice speaking Chinese with many different counterparts.

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