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Do you enjoy lively conversations and thought-provoking exchange of ideas? Do you feel that our wisdom can be augmented by listening to the opinions of others? Do you frequently find yourself challenging the status quo? Do you believe that such activities improve goodwill among people and create strong bonds? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, you may enjoy being a member of this group.

The goal of this group is to get-together a small group of people (say 4 ~8), perhaps every week or so, at the home of a member to exchange ideas and opinions, stimulate critical thinking, and develop views that are more coherent and more likely to be correct and/or useful. The idea is to end each meeting feeling inspired and invigorated. It could even be therapeutic!

Please DO consider joining if:
(1) The objectives of this meetup appeal to you;
(2) You are able to host a meeting in your home. The benefits of hosting at home cannot be emphasized. The environment is more conducive than at any restaurant or coffee shop, bonding between members happen faster, and very likely, friendships develop. It is immaterial whether you live in a studio, an apartment, a home, an estate, or a castle. The only thing that matters is whether you feel comfortable inviting like-minded people them into your home.

Please DO NOT join if:
(1) You have difficulty being receptive to opinions contradictory to yours;
(2) You are unable to host a meetup in your home. (see above):

Important Guidelines for Members:

• To maintain decorum and harmony, and allow discussions to progress smoothly, no member should become aggressive, hostile, or critical of anyone. If we differ with an expressed opinion, we will respectfully and courteously differ. Discussions with a humorous tone would be specially refreshing.
• Since politics and religion arouse strong sentiments, we will refrain from discussing these two subjects.
• Hosts are under no obligation to serve any refreshments They may do so if they so desire, or request each invited member to bring a dish. This is entirely the discretion of the host.
• To keep the conversation meaningful and lively, participation will be limited to a maximum of 8 members in any meeting. Not all members may be able to go to all meetings. Hosts will determine who to invite to their meetup.

If this sounds like a meetup you’ve been waiting for, let us get together, talk, laugh, have fun and become a little bit more wiser.

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