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Deep Learning Adventures is a welcoming group for anyone interested in learning more about deep learning, its foundations, its strengths and weaknesses and ever growing applications that best serve humanity and help those in need throughout the world. After participating in hundreds of meetups in the area, we have taken many lessons learned and incorporated them into this group. This group is also startup oriented in the sense that we are open minded and ready to pivot to new directions as our community and needs around the world guide us.

We use online courses as guides from platforms like Coursera, deeplearning.ai, Udacity and fast.ai as well as known universities like Stanford and MIT. We also explore papers that have propelled this field to new heights and use coding projects and applications, mostly in Python, to meet a need or bring an idea to life.

Anyone with an honest interest in artificial intelligence, is welcomed, regardless of background. We believe in team building and collaboration and use human centric design principles to iterate over a project as needed. We promote a strong community bond and aim to learn from each other as none of us is really an expert.

This group is open to anyone around the world, with many of our members located in the Washington DC Metro Area. Our mission is to use data, AI and technology to help and support others in need anywhere around the world. As such we are open to collaboration with other meetups, organizations, companies or governments agencies that aim to use deep learning in making a positive impact around the world.

Join our Deep Learning Adventures community and become an expert in Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Computer Vision, Convolutional Neural Networks, Kaggle Challenges, Data Augmentation and Dropouts Transfer Learning, Multiclass Classifications and Overfitting and Natural Language Processing NLP as well as Time Series Forecasting 😀 Join us and earn your TensorFlow Developer Certificate! All while having fun learning and participating in our Deep Learning Trivia games 🎉

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