The Return of The Neural Network: Zeroing-in on the Human Brain.


Target audience: this is an intro talk for developers.

Lecturer: Dr. Jonathan Laserson is a senior algorithm researcher at PointGrab and a Machine Learning expert and consultant. He has a PhD from the Computer Science AI lab at Stanford University and was a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University. After 3 years doing machine learning at Google, today he is focused on Deep Learning algorithms and their practical usage on embedded architectures.

Abstract: Neural networks, born in the 40s, revived in the 80s, and neglected in the 90s, are now making their second Artificial Intelligence comeback, and this time they are winning. Coined by the much cooler name Deep Learning, these algorithms are beating classical Machine Learning algorithms by a significant margin in scores of AI challenges. All the while, Deep Learning theoreticians are lagging behind, still having no clue how come it works so well. And the best thing still - these algorithms are pretty simple to understand, and the software infrastructure available to run them at scale is outstanding and supported by a huge developers community. In the talk I will give an introductory talk about Deep Learning and how to get started with it.