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Deep Learning in Production is a worldwide group for professionals, academics, scholars, beginners, and hobbyists who have an interest in deploying production-grade deep learning systems.

The group is based Cambridge, MA but reaching out to anyone who wants to participate. For every meetup a live streaming will be offered.

Join us once a month for a Meetup in New York City or Cambridge for an excellent presentation from a Deep Learning practitioner.

-- What is Deep Learning --

Deep learning is a computational technique in computer science & engineering that can help with relevance, accuracy, and precision. For example, the Google search suggestions that appear when you type the first few letters of a search are highly relevant because of the use of deep learning. The check deposit reader in your ATM is highly accurate in understanding your handwriting because of deep learning. And the timing of the automatically-generated captions that appear on YouTube videos is highly precise because of deep learning.

Most people who have heard of deep learning have also heard about machine learning, the ability for computers to learn to accomplish a task without being explicitly programmed to do so. This exact definition, when referring to a neural net (neural nets are very basic approximations of the brain where an input signal feeds into nodes, as in ‘neurons’, a number of weighted computations are done, and an output signal is retrieved at the other end), applies to deep learning too. The only difference: deep learning has more learning layers (it is a deeper neural network, made up of multiple neural nets stacked on top of each other), so it can deal with a higher degree of complexity; basically, it can find patterns in patterns of data.

-- See you next month. Hope you can join us! --

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Eila Arich-Landkof, Organizer, Oriel Research Founder

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