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AI is here to stay but many other technologies are emerging at the same time, including biotech, quantum computing and blockchain. This dynamic interplay and convergence of all off these technologies at the same time is what makes the present so interesting and unprecedented. Come along and hear about these technologies, all of which are using AI to accelerate their development and growth.

6:30pm - 7:00pm Pizza and soft drinks

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7:00pm - 7:15pm Announcements

7:15pm Peter Morgan - Towards a General Theory of Intelligence

Peter will take a look at how deep learning is now being extended in ways that take it far beyond the simple image classifiers it was originally developed to solve. The development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is going to require algorithms that can do things like inductive reasoning, planning and optimal learning from limited amounts of data. Several efforts are underway to develop these technologies. We may well see these new approaches being given a lot more attention in the coming months and years ahead as we enter the new age of AGI. Peter will talk about some of the newer more general approaches to solving intelligence now under development.

Peter is CEO at Deep Learning Partnership, a consultancy addressing emerging technologies, especially AI and blockchain http://www.deeplp.com.

8:00 pm James Field - AI & Synthetic Biology

James will describe how machine learning can be used to unpick the genetic design rules that underpin life. He will also describe how understanding these rules will enable us to engineer biology with unprecedented speed and control.

Bio: James is founder and CEO of LabGenius. He completed his EPSRC-funded PhD at Imperial College London where he developed a platform for targeted drug delivery using re-engineered protein nanocages. Prior to his PhD, James completed an MRes in Systems and Synthetic Biology, at Imperial College. In 2018, James was featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for Science & Healthcare. www.labgeni.us.

8:45pm Lawrence Lundy-Bryan - Blockchain and AI

Outlier Ventures is an exciting venture company focussed on emerging technologies. Lawrence will give us his view on the development of the emerging technology landscape, including an overview of Outlier Ventures, their mission, emerging tech companies they are investing in, as well as projects they are working on now and have road mapped for the future. His latest Vision Paper can be read here: https://medium.com/outlier-ventures-io/vc-for-the-decentralised-future-introducing-the-convergence-ecosystem-680c394a2cc7

Bio: Lawrence is Head of Research and Partnerships. He works on the ways in which artificial intelligence, blockchains, the Internet of Things and other deep tech are combining. Specifically, he is interested in the impact these technologies will have on society and politics. He has provided analysis for the BBC, Bloomberg, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal.

9:00 pm Fireside Chat - The Emerging Technology Landscape

Peter, Lawrence and James will be joined by our moderator Alex Pluke, Founder and CEO of Additive Flow, a machine learning powered 3D printing company, for a twenty-five-minute chat on the current state of emerging tech, including trends that are emerging and where they might take us. Technologies will include but not be limited to AI, blockchain, biotech, healthcare, automation and quantum computing. Not to be missed.

9:30pm Event ends.

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