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We are kicking off a series of Deep Learning Labs events aiming to accelerate awareness of recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence with a focus on two areas of machine learning: deep learning and reinforcement learning. Our aim is to inspire the business founders of tomorrow.

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Warsaw Deep Learning Labs

Centralny Dom Technologii

We are hosting Episode 8 of Warsaw Deep Learning Labs to accelerate awareness of possibilities & recent breakthroughs in reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning is a subset within Artificial intelligence that is evolving at unparalleled speed. Unlike other subsets in AI, reinforcement learning is able to learn from trial and error and generate its own data. At Deep Learning Labs we focus on understanding the possibilities of this technology by running fun & interactive, hands-on challenges. Deep Learning Labs are suitable both for industry experts & those who want to understand and explore how this technology can be used in their domain. You will get teamed up, provided with resources and a problem to solve using bleeding-edge AI technologies. Previous experience in AI is not required. While many participants are industry experts we also welcome people with other types of domain knowledge that want to understand & explore how reinforcement learning can be used in their field. Bring your own laptops, if possible. Basic computers will do. And don’t forget the charger! 🔌 🤓 Motivation & Inspiration OpenAI Solving Rubik’s Cube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4O8pojMF0w Try Bipedalwalker-V3 in Google Colab https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1Zyn9Q_Gf3KnVIhdl9t2ond5IjJNaTriL#scrollTo=TK5g4Xbc6HMs --- Hosted with ❤️ by Nextgrid Check us out at https://nextgrid.ai/

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Warsaw Deep Learning Labs

Centralny Dom Technologii

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