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Deep Learning Labs is a popular series of hackathon events for deep learning and reinforcement learning enthusiasts originated in Warsaw, Poland in September 2019.

The purpose behind Deep learning labs (https://nextgrid.ai/deep-learning-labs) is to inspire and motivate talent to explore the BIG opportunities with modern AI technologies.


Examples from previous events

• Reinforcement learning with OpenAI Gym

• Concept an app, build PoC & Showcase using YOLOv5

• And much more ..

Deep learning lab's events are organized in a friendly but competitive spirit where participants work in teams to achieve the best outcome on the given tasks.

Hosted with ❤️ by Nextgrid (https://nextgrid.ai) and the AI seed program

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Past events (32)

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OpenAI GPT-3 & Codex Hackathon - Deep Learning Labs Stockholm

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Start Working in an AI Investment&Research Company

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