Understanding NLP : Text Embeddings and Document Classification


The very first meetup event by Skymind in the year of 2020! Join the like-minded data enthusiasts for presentations and exciting conversations to take a glimpse into the much discussed topic about Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

It is difficult to comprehend how Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana understand what we are speaking, let alone providing the right response to it. This talk aims to tackle one of the most challenging fields of Artificial Intelligence - Natural Language Processing. Starts with the fundamentals of computer understanding texts and crucial task such as spam filtering, Chia Wei will share the knowhow to build, operate and deploy language models.

Event agenda :

6:30 PM - 🍕Food & 🥤drinks (Sponsored by Skymind)
7:30 PM - Introduction
7:45 PM - Chia Wei’s talk on AI understanding texts and it’s challenges
8:10 PM - Demo on use cases of spam filtering, document categorisation, and serving of these NLP models
8:45 PM - Q&A, Networking

👩‍💻 About the Speaker:
Lim Chia Wei, VP of Product Data Science of Skymind

Chia Wei Lim is a technical lead for Skymind AI Limited. She delivers end-to-end Artificial Intelligence Solutions crossing use cases of different verticals. She has the background of Machine Learning and Deep Learning for more than 6 years by now. In the past, Chia Wei has been leveraging predictive analytics on Big Data, applying to various use cases such as fraud detection and face recognition. Chia Wei accelerates the delivery of business value through enabling AI model serving at scale.

🚄 Venue: 16, Gat Lebuh China, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🚗 Parking spots available at vicinity of ACAT.