Deep Learning Meetup #10

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Dear Members,

Wednesday 07 the 10th Deep learning Meetup will take place at Heuritech! Speakers:

Grégory Châtel (Intel) Adversarial examples in deep learning

Deep learning is used in more critical systems every day, from self-driving cars to video surveillance. The purpose of this talk is to show how such systems can be fooled using specifically crafted inputs and how to try to defend these kinds of attack

Johan Ferret (DreamQuark) Siamese Architectures for Question Answering

Mastering Question Answering is a mandatory step towards building efficient conversational interfaces and machine comprehension for corpora of complex documents such as law documents or patient medical records.
We describe a supervised approach using Siamese Networks and attention mechanisms to answer non-factoid questions related to the insurance sector.

Hedi Ben Younes (LIP6 / Heuritech) Multimodal Tucker Fusion for Visual Question Answering

Bilinear models provide an appealing framework for mixing and merging information in Visual Question Answering (VQA) tasks. We introduce MUTAN, a multimodal tensor-based Tucker decomposition to efficiently parametrize bilinear interactions between visual and textual representations. With MUTAN, we control the complexity of the merging scheme while keeping nice interpretable fusion relations. We show how our MUTAN scheme generalizes some of the latest VQA architectures, providing state-of-the-art results.

Again, feel free to contact me if you'd like to be a speaker for a next meetup.

Intel Sponsorship

Intel also created a mini contest for all the participants!

If you have a ML project and want to showcase it, share it, or collaborate it with others, submit it to DevMesh ( Everyone who submits a project to DevMesh will get remote access to Machine Learning Servers. On top of that, best projects will be selected and each winner will receive a gift card (amount TBA).

Instructions to join DevMesh:

1/ Create a new account at (

2/ Join your dedicated group - Artificial Intelligence Europe (

3/ To submit a project, click on "add a project"

*when submitting your project, make sure to select "Artificial Intelligence Europe" as your group.

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See you next week,