1 hr Workshop- Getting Started with AWS SageMaker for Deep Learning and AI

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This is a 1 hr online workshop meetup designed to give you a deep overview into AWS SageMaker. I will walk step by step and screen share to ensure you all get what we need out of this 1 hour working session. We will do a quick overview of AWS Machine learning with a Max of 5 slides ....the goal is to jump right into hands on deployment with AWS SageMaker.

You will prepare the data, train the model to learn from the data, deploy the model, then evaluate your machine learning models performance. The resources created and used in this tutorial are free tier eligible. If your account has been active for longer than 2 months, this tutorial will cost you less than $0.50. Sign up for a AWS Account here https://amzn.to/2pknwea

Overview of AWS SageMaker

- Create an AWS Account

- Create an S3 Bucket

- Create IAM Roles

- Create an Amazon SageMaker Notebook Instance

- Train and Deploy a Model

- Create a Juypter Notebook

- Download, Explore, and Transform Data

- Download the Dataset

- Explore the Dataset

- Transform Dataset and Upload to S3

- Train a Model

- Choose the Training Algorithm

- Create a Training Job

- Deploy the Model

- Validate the Model

- Clean up AWS Cloud Resources

-What to bring - Installed Webex Connection. Have AWS Account with GPU instances available.