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Deep Learning Labs is a popular series of hackathon events for deep learning and reinforcement learning enthusiasts originated in Warsaw, Poland in September 2019.

The purpose behind Deep learning labs ( is to inspire and motivate talent to explore the BIG opportunities with modern AI technologies.

Examples from previous events

• Reinforcement learning with OpenAI Gym

• Concept an app, build PoC & Showcase using YOLOv5

• And much more ..

Deep learning lab's events are organized in a friendly but competitive spirit where participants work in teams to achieve the best outcome on the given tasks.

Hosted with ❤️ by Nextgrid ( and the AI seed program

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Founder's Story: Pawel Osterreicher

Online event

Pawel will share his experiences on how raising your (first) round during COVID looks like and why the story is what really matters. He will also talk about the pros and cons of choosing a more conservative approach and getting into the startup world later rather than sooner. Based on a true story.

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Get to know Nextgrid AI Accelerator - Virtual Event

Online event

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