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Two for One: Rural Tech & PWAs with Dart

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Two for One: Rural Tech & PWAs with Dart


Come join us for our flagship event of the year, a jam-packed evening of compelling talks and valuable networking at Jembi Health Systems in Tokai on Tuesday, 16 October at 18h00 for 18h30.

This event will interest anyone who is interested in:

  • Web development
  • Android
  • Offline capability
  • DevOps
  • UX

The Talks

"Rural Tech" - How we built Journey, an offline cross-border healthcare solution for a rural African application using Springboot, Fitlets, Android (incl. PriorityQueue) and NFC, presented by Rowan Pillay (Team Lead), Zane Dickens (UX) and Dagmar Timler (Android).

"DARTing your way to PWAs" - A hands-on walkthrough of how to build a PWA using Dart, presented by Ewald Horn of NoFuss (

The Speakers

Rowan is a coder by day and family man, musician and theologian by night. When he is not hacking together rural computer systems, you may find him cleaning out his chicken coop or lost in theologically sound (get it?) worship music.

Dagmar is still learning how to program despite having been doing it most of her life. She's the author of the Google Docs plugin, Magic Rainbow Unicorns which was created in an evening for a demo and has been since been causing havoc across schools in the US. Her coworkers however know her as a Java and Android dev.

Zane Dickens is an avowed generalist. Favouring a broad skill-set in design, development and storytelling that gives the ability to support a cross disciplined team to design and deliver impactful solutions in low resource settings.

Ewald cut his programming teeth on GW BASIC back in the '90s and, while his coding style hasn't really improved much, managed to keep his passion for learning and tinkering alive. Being editor and language agnostic, he's been known to dabble in all manner of technologies in his quest to solve business challenges. When not busy making a mess of his kitchen, he can often be found sitting in front of his computer, muttering something about how he's sure this used to be easier back in the day.

The Venue

We will descend once again upon Jembi in Tokai. On top of providing an awesome venue, they will provide delicious pizza and refreshments for all. As usual, some swag will be up for grabs.

Note to Sponsors

We're always looking for companies, especially those based in the south, to get on board with speaker gifts, swag and even outright sponsorships. If you'd like to contribute to this or another event and have a platform to reach over 400 local techies, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Tokai on Main Office Park, Units 3b, 5a-5c, Main Road, Tokai 7945, Cape Town · Cape Town
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