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Not to let physical distancing turn into social isolation, enjoy Deep Talks from the safety of your home: online. Same depth, new channel.

This group is for you if you are:

• Tired of the superficiality of small talk, work talk and endless swiping

• An open-minded person, interested in learning from others and challenging your perspectives

• Interested in real human connections, whether that means expanding your social circle or sharing meaningful moments


We are Allison and Julia. Inspired by Berlin's Deep Talks & Wine community (Julia is a co-founder), we created this group as a pilot for a large-scale project designed to help people connect better in real life through meaningful conversations. How do we do it? Through a specially-designed format of guided conversations that are proven to spark real connections.

Each Deep Talks event has a unique topic and agenda, featuring thought-provoking questions designed to take the conversation deeper. Our communication guidelines, read at the start of the event, set the tone for profound, engaging, respectful conversations.

To allow us to discover more than just the neighbor on our left or right, we split into smaller groups and rotate in the middle of the event (depending upon group size). These are all proven elements of an exciting journey from strangers to friends...

For a price of a cinema ticket, you'll have two or more hours of intimate conversations, where you can make discoveries about yourself and others, and potentially find a new friend or even a partner. Maybe you will, maybe you won't, but it's certainly a better chance than staring at a screen!


Curious to hear what others say? Here are a few of our guests’ voices:

"Deep Talks has been life-enhancing and has provided a space to meet new friends who I wouldn't have met otherwise." - Alex V.

"It was amazing! I went from entering a room of strangers to having really meaningful deep conversations in less than an hour." - Laurens L.

"Of all the things I’ve done since I moved to Berlin a couple of months back (meet friends of friends, social events, startup events), Deep Talks is easily the fastest way to move from first name to a deep personal connection with some of the most interesting people in town." - Khurram M.


All ages, genders, professions, etc. are welcome. We only ask that you listen, contribute and keep an open mind.

We look forward to starting the conversation!

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