What we're about

You know who you are.
You're the one who sees big things in 'little' things,
the one thinking all the time.

For many, thinking amounts to work. For a few, thinking is fun. For you though, thinking is food. Your friends like you but are not likely, like you. You may even be considered a genius by others but not to yourself. You see yourself as a deep thinker and thrive in rich conversations.

This group is established to bring together people who enjoy deep thought and the huge realizations that come from it.

People who are very interested in uncommon and weighty dialogue on various topics should join. Those who are just as good if not better at listening than speaking should join. Those who want to encourage deep thinkers to grow strong, should join.

What this group is not-

This is not an elitist group.

You do not have to be a 'genius' to have and appreciate a deep thought (though humble genius is quite welcome). This group is not limited to people with exceptional brain power. It is limited to people who appreciate the value of a meaningful thought, the value of listening and the value of respect.

This group is for people who are willing to participate in discussions and attend events.

Think about it, join and think some more.

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