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This group caters to curious people who are seeking added depth to the usual conversations about topics that defy simple explanations and/or deserve deeper insight. There is no fee to attend, and participation is purely voluntary. In fact, we often have members attend just to listen (although the more voices in the debate, the better it is!). And join our Facebook page - member or not, everyone is welcome there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/183614758344101/

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There ought to be a law!

Panera Bread


We've all heard this phrase when we see something that is upsetting but not illegal. But that's not practical and unenforceable. So how should we handle policing human behavior? Our last president broke many norms, but not as many laws. Shame and social shunning play a role, but have we burdened our laws with too much meddling?


1. Be informed
2. Get involved
3. Stay open to compromise
4. Remain civil
5. Reject violence
6. Value norms
7. Promote the common good
8. Respect government service
9. Support the teaching of civics
10. Put country first

Let's talk about it after a much-delayed Deep Thinkers Meetup. We'll have a small sit-down at the local Panera Bread near the South Bay Galleria in Torrance. Hope you can make it!

Please update your RSVP accordingly and use the waitlist if there aren't any openings.

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Columbia Park


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