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The Book of Revelation - Verse by Verse
WHAT WE ARE STUDYING We are studying the Book of Revelation; a book of the Bible that seems to fascinate both Christians and non-Christians but a book that few seem to have studied carefully. Rather, our knowledge of the Book of Revelation seems to be based on novels and movies such as "The Left Behind" series. Due to the popularity of the "Left Behind" series and books such as "The Late Great Planet Earth," most of us interpret Revelation according to the Pre-Millennial view (though they may not know that term). There are other perspectives on the Book of Revelation (such as the Amillennial, Post-Millennial and Preterist views) that we will consider in our study. Our study is a detailed verse-by-verse study and analysis of the text of Revelation. We look at the historical context, the cultural context, the language, the references and allusions to other parts of the Bible, etc. Our goal is to draw out the intended meaning of the text and let the message of Scripture inform our lives as Christians. ABOUT OUR GROUP Come join a friendly group of Christian Adults as we study the Bible and seek to apply what it says to our lives. After we finish studying the Bible, we go out to lunch together. We also get together regularly for other social activities. All are welcome (even those who are not professing Christians)!

First Euless Church -Education Building - Room 368

1000 Airport Fwy (at industrial Blvd) · Euless, TX

What we're about

The Problem

Unfortunately, what many of us Christians call "Bible Study" ends up being something like a devotional reading that runs through whole books of the Bible in just a few weeks at breakneck speed. The result is an understanding of what God has to say to us through Scripture that is a mile wide and an inch deep. Rather than being transformed by the renewing of our mind through God's Word, we are often left with "tips for living" which we might just as easily find in a book of inspirational sayings.

The Solution: In-Depth Bible Study

Rather than rushing through God's Word, our Bible Study takes the time to exegete the Scripture carefully verse by verse. We want to study, ruminate and ponder everything that God has included in the Bible. We don't "skip to the good parts." We don't provide tips for dating or getting a promotion at work. We simply study the Scripture as God has given it to us and seek the Holy Spirit's application of God's Words to our hearts and lives.

The Manner: Interactive Bible Study

One of the distinct characteristics of this group is that we invite interesting discussion and dialogue. We voice comments and thoughts that we have. We ask questions. Nobody is required to speak or say anything but all are welcome to share their thoughts (as long as they relate to the subject at hand).

Who Should Join

In short, anyone who is interested in studying the Bible thoroughly and carefully would be interested in this group. You don't have to be a Bible scholar or even know that much about the Bible (that's the point of the class). You don't even have to be a Christian believer (we have several non-Christians and skeptics who enjoy the discussion). There are no requirements regarding age, religious background or marital status.

Our Normal Weekly Schedule

Sunday Bible Study

We meet for Bible study on Sundays.

Sunday Lunch

After we meet on Sunday, we always go to lunch together. Anyone is invited.

Thursday Night Discussion

On Thursday nights, we host a Theological and Apologetics discussion (not a Bible study) where we are joined by Christians of many denominations as well as unbelievers such as Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics and members of other non-Christian religions. There is no formal program; we discuss whatever the group is interested in that night and everyone is free to come and go as they please.

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