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Mainly discussing books of modern philosphy, history and phsycology to what really is and how to live more authenticly.

Not fundamentalism and not really liberalism but just what is and what we all are.

I have been trying to sum up what Plato/Socrates, Kant/Hagel, Bastian/Campbell and Jung/Piaget (and others) were trying to say in 360 words:
Human nature hasn’t changed in about 10000 years or more (since the end of the last ice age). Since then humanity needed corporations to unify their actions together. These emerged out of the minds of the people like finding fire or agriculture. They were as mythology, to connect people especially in the realm of the unknown. Mythology, nation religion, corporation, all the same: the effort to embody the ideas of the people into unified action, for the cohesive productivity, good of everyone involved the best to their understanding and ability. Obviously these do not always work perfectly; so overtime the better corporate ideas survive and thrive like in the process of natural selection while other ideas die or are dying. This corporation of all humanity is largely unseen, unconscious and often even unbelieved but it’s acted out. We’re effected by natural facts of society and the physical world that come together in psychology as corporations and myths (acted out collective ideas). The corporation/myth/embodied ideas emerges our of our chaotic natural social world. The human spirit has all the values built in from birth and everyone knows what to do and how to act but fear represses the human authenticity. We have to now understand consciously what our innate values are, and how to best act them out harmoniously. That is our body of values is built into us individually and collectively. We need to better see this body of ideas, or at least see how to see it. The story of history shows what is, and how actions play out to bring better life or more death. We are born with the innate ability to know and follow that story but it takes knowledge of the past to bring our innate values to the conscious knowledge. Our innate way of being is perfect but covered by insecurity and confusion. To uncover that perfection is the painful act of individuation/redemption/enlightenment/maturation/hero’s journey and others ideas that mean; to find what is individually, then collectively and how to best live that out. This isn’t an impossible task. It’s the natural process for self then all, of living wisely, fearlessly and constantly seeking maturity.

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