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This is a group for cycling lovers. All levels are welcome. I enjoy cycling and meet people. Also I have invited my instructor Derek to join us so we can improve our skills as well as road safety when cycling around. I do know some cycling routes in Hong Kong with great environment and beautiful scenes. Feel free to join me every Saturday for the ride!

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Share a drink / Explore Plover Cove dam / Sunset Photos & Dinner @ Tai Mei Tuk

Sunset Photo Courtesy of Lin (17jan15) THE ROUTE : We will cycling along Cycle Paths from the bike shop near Tai Wai station > Che Kung Mui Road > under Lion Roak Tunnel Road > along Tai Chung Kiu Road > pass Regal a Riverside Hotel > under Sha Tin Road > pass Pictorial Garden & On King Street Park > cross over the Shing Mun River on Twin Bridge > continue along to pass Traffic Police Rest Station, along Shui Chong Street > pass the Marine Police Station > pass the Ma Liu Shui ferry Pier > ride along Science Park Road ( HAVE A DRINK ) > pass along Pak Shek Kok Promenade > Tai Po Waterfront Park > A short Road cycling along Dai Fat Street to join back the cycle paths along Yuen Shin Road > under 1 tunnel pass under Ting Kok Road > along Ting Kok Road to Tai Mei Tuk Water Sports Centre. Riding an average 17-22 km/h, it takes 1.5-2 hours to cover approximately 28.5 km. for a one way journey. The return route is the reverse or you could take the MTR from Tai Po Station back to Tai Wai to return the bike to the shop. DIRECTION to the bike shop Follow the directions on the Map & meet at the Bike Shop to process the selection & renting your bike. We will depart in 30 minutes time. If the map is still confusing to you, call Mr Lung Tel#[masked] at least 1 day before the event. If you arrive late, have not seen this map & not on our WhatsApp Group - then please cycle on your own enjoy the scenery and ave a wonderful day. You can catch us at Science Park at approximately 3pm Fresh a Bike Shop is also opposite a Primary School on Shing Ho Street THE DEPARTURE 1) Leaving from the cycle path closest to the Fresh A Bike shop, our destination is The Science Park via Twin Bridges. This is our 1st rest stop for taking photos & for late comers or any cyclists joining mid-way. Before we arrive at The Twin Bridge, there is 1 underpass tunnel where you will need to take the 2nd left turn (see drawing, red line indicates underpass tunnel), This is your 1st training to use different gears for down & upslope cycling without stopping the bike to push. If you think you took a wrong turn, go back to this underpass tunnel & open your group WhatsApp (I usually would upload this drawing ) & do it again. 2). Just before the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, there will be a Traffic Light Crossing which you should brake, get off the bike & push across. If you are caught by the police, you will get a scolding, a hefty fine, maybe need to appear in court & get the same traffic penalty with violation points deducted if you have a Hong Kong Driving License. ( see map .... the gap in the blue line is the traffic light crossing .... by law, we are only allowed to cycle on blue/red lines on the eMap provided by The Transport Dept.). NOTE : throughout the whole journey cycling along the river, the river is always on our left side when we start out together as a group (see eMap provided by The Transport Department) .... 2) After the 1st rest stop at the Twin Bridges, we will cycle away from the river .... towards the freeway and to the Science Pack. There will be 2 underpass tunnels before we arrive at The Science Park. LATE COMERS : (1) Send a half body photo of yourself which your bike, so we can recognize you. (2) If you cannot meet us at the bike shop, look out for us on the twin bridges, see google map below. We will post our group photo on the WhatsApp Group. If you do not use WhatsApp, then look out for me wearing lots of Yellow & Black on a yellow Brampton foldable with a Yellow & Black curve handle. (3) Just around the start time & after the start time; do not be offended if I do not pick up your phone calls or reply your messages - I will be busy taking care of cyclists who have arrived on time - if you are renting a bike & need verbal directions to the bike shop, call Mr Lung at the bike shop. (4) if you are not renting a bike, please don't bother Mr Lung for directions, meet us at The Twin Bridge (goggle map show the location). RENTING BIKES Arrive earlier go rent your own bike from shops around Tai Wai MTR Station - We would recommend Fresh A Bike shop Tel#[masked]; they close at 11pm. 轉波要順 Test the bikes you rent for 1) Tires fully pumped 2) Loud Bell 3) Working Gears 4) Effective Brakes 5) Front & Rear Safety Reflectors 6) Lights for night cycling WHAT YOU NEED TO DO 1) Bring your own Helmet or buy one at the bike shop for $[masked]. 2) Gloves, hat worn under the helmet & Wind Breaker if the weather is cool & Sun Tan Lotion when the weather is warmer. 3) Rain Gear for sudden rain showers (check the weather before you come) 4) Just in case, you intend to ride longer & are late to return, you should bring your own front lamp (white light) & rear light (red light) as bike shops may not have enough lamps to loan out if they have too many rentals that day. 5) VERY IMPORTANT : Please read Pages 26-35 of the Road Users' Code before you go out for riding. Check this link: http:/www.td.gov.hk/chapter_4_for_cyclists/index.html 6) The following accessories are not required but if you wish to invest, it could enhance for more comfortable cycling - such as padded pants / padded gloves / breathable tights for cooler weather (same type used for hiking. Here are some reminders of common good practices that you might wish to take note & exercise them when joining our events. (This part is shared with permission from the organizer of Singapore Cycling Tours, Alvin Low) Good practices: 1) Do NOT beat red lights at traffic junction This is really dangerous and must be avoided. No excuses. If we follow all traffic rules as if we are driving a car, there will be no argument and unhappiness from any drivers. And we will have our interests protected by the law. 2) Do NOT block any pathways This is common when we have to stop & wait for the other members. Always pull your bike away from the path and stand by the side. We do not wish to cause inconvenience to other users. 3) Ride in Single file / 2-abreast This is especially important when it comes to a narrow passage or on a narrow road (eg. underpass, or a 2-lane-only roads). If we are on a wider road with more than 3 lanes, we will ride 2 -breast, side by side (for safety & also shorten the tailback). But NOT more than this. Please Do NOT steer out to the other lanes of the road as it is very dangerous. You will be hogging the road, & preventing cyclists &/or drivers from overtaking us safely. 4) Overtaking on the Right ONLY When we ride in a group, it can be "crowded" at times and the faster riders would want to get ahead of the slower ones. Please ONLY overtake on the RIGHT. Ring your bell "TING TING TING" or give a shout to inform the cyclist in front of you. Always turn your head to check before you do so. If you are not overtaking, you should always keep left whenever possible. 5) Use hand signals Especially when making a turn. This will give indication to other cyclists &/or drivers of your intention. When slowing down, or switching your line of ride, you should also give early warning. Some reference provided by one of the members here: http://www.redhillcc.co.uk/page/hand-signals-and-shouts 6) ADVANCE TRAINING (1) Look ahead and see what is going on in front of you, look up to at least 40-50 Meters. (2) know your surroundings that include what is behind you, so if another bikers coming up on your right, you won't move out and crash, usually you will go down but not the rider overtaking you. The rider has momentum. (3) Learn the control braking, The biker should know which brake handles to control the front and rear brakes. Remember OVER BRAKING THE FRONT BRAKE CAN LOCK UP THE FRONT WHEEL and cause the bike to topple, it can happen when going down deep descend. I suggest to apply the rear brake first then the front brake. The front brakes can have 60-70% braking power. When applying the front brake, the weight transfer to the front and the bike will lose s agility. (4) When cycling on the road, stay on course while vehicle coming from behind, drivers are always more worry about biker suddenly move into their path. There are simply too many rules & good practices. I am sure everyone will have their own experience and rules to share/suggest. But, if all of us follow the above basic 5 points, I believe we will enjoy the event even better. Most importantly, MUCH Safer !! YOU MUST WEAR A HELMET. if you insist NOT to wear a helmet, i will mark your attendance as "DID NOT ATTEND' and you will be requested to cycle on your own & i will not be looking after you to coach you to improve your cycling skills. Lastly, all our events are organised solely for the love for cycling. All the organisers, markers, sweepers & helpers are volunteers who simply enjoy doing this for the fun of meeting like-minded people and come together for a ride. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own safety. It is understood that we are all adults and by participating in our events, you are agreeable to the following: TOILET STOPS #1 at the ferry pier after passing the Marine Police Station & the Twin Bridge #2 after riding on the coastal paved cycle path from the Science Park DISCLAIMER This is an amateur adventure group that welcomes all levels of participants for cycling events. By joining the events, all participants are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer, and agreed to exonerate the leaders, the organizers and any other participants in the events from any liabilities, claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or deaths or damages arising thereof. Cyclist joining rides are at their own choosing and at their own risk. Disclaimer Terms of Participation as Follows : 1. If the participant is absent at the specified meeting point on the agreed date and time, the organizers (hereafter taken to include assistants and hosts) will not wait for the participant. 2. The participant acknowledges that this is an adventure trip. The itinerary serves as a guide only and flexibility may be required. 3. As this is an adventure event of cycling, organizers has the right to disallow your participation if you're deem unsuitable for the event/trip. **When you have turn up for this event, it is understood that you have read, agreed and accepted the above terms and conditions.*

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