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Diamond Dowsing Fest
Take your life to radically higher levels If you have issues or struggles that just won't go away, it might be the result of "geopathic stress," "interference lines," or "negative energy vortexes." With Marie Diamond's guidance you can easily learn how to use "dowsing" to find and resolve these problem areas. You have to check it out. How you can use "dowsing" to solve problems and take your life to radically higher levels Dowsing is not just for finding water. You can use dowsing to find little-known sources of problems in your life: "geopathic stress," "interference lines," or "negative energy vortexes." Those are naturally occurring phenomena of energy that can have a dramatic effect on you. For example: If you have those in your home or on your property, you can experience nightmares, sleeplessness, and even illness. If an energy line goes through your garden, it can retard the growth of plants or make them susceptible to disease, drought, and other plant problems. You can use "dowsing rods," or "divining rods" to easily find those problems. It is all easy to do, and you can learn how absolutely during the upcoming 6-day Diamond Dowsing Fest. During the Diamond Dowsing Fest, renowned Feng Shui master Marie Diamond will demonstrate how to use dowsing rods through a unique series of videos. The videos are there for you to view during the six days of this online event beginning Monday, June 18. You can get your 6-Day Pass right here.

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