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Social behaviour in the wild & Searching to be entertained!

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Setup: two research talks (academia / industry), a pitch of the new AIRLab and cookies and drinks afterwards, sponsored by Delft Data Science. Open to everyone!


Associate Professor Hayley Hung from TU Delft's Intelligent Systems department will present her work "On Being Moved by Motion: Automatically Interpreting Social Behaviour in the Wild"

Talk abstract: Humans are fundamentally social beings. Many of us survive because of our ability to socialise with others. However, while much of social science has tried to capture the essence of human social behaviour, it is hard to observe human social behaviour in its natural habitat outside of constrained lab conditions. To understand and eventually assist humans in their ability to communicate and cooperate with others, we need to be able to build intelligent systems that can interpret and respond to our social and emotional needs. My focus in this talk will be on discussing unconventional methods for automated social behaviour analysis in natural environments, and in particular, crowded social scenes such as networking and mingling events. In analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed methods, I hope to better understand the nature and dynamics of human social behaviour. Finally, I will show the potential of this way of measuring the social behaviour in the context of teams on long term simulated space missions.


Dr. Daan Odijk is Lead Data Scientist at RTL. In 2016, he obtained his PhD on search algorithms for news. Subsequently, he led the personalization team at Blendle. At RTL, Daan leads data scientists and engineers, delivering data-powered products. He will talk about "Searching to be entertained".

Talk abstract: RTL, the largest commercial broadcaster in a declining Dutch TV market, is making a transition from a traditional TV company to a consumer-focused media company. I will share how we are using data and AI to help our users find the right content for them, ranging from the 1M daily visitors on our news website to the over 2B yearly video plays we have, most of these on our rapidly growing video-on-demand platform Videoland.


Professor Martijn Wisse, Director of TU Delft's Robotics Institute, will give a brief introduction to the recently announced AI & robotics collaboration with industry: AIRLab Delft.



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