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"Where is the meetup scene in Delft?!" All around us, in Rotterdam, Den Haag or Amsterdam, meetups are organised about new (web) technologies, code, UX design and AI, etc.. Developers and designers are meeting up to share their passion, teach and show off cool work. Why not in Delft? Aren't we the knowledge capital of the Netherlands? With the fastest solar car and an incubator for agencies and innovative products (e.g. Fabrique, Dept, Exact, VanMoof). Join me and let's get together to change this!

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GraphQL + Docker @ Sping

sping BV

Come to our 9th meetup of Delft Developers & Designers and be inspired by real stories from the field. -=-=-=-=- GraphQL + Docker @ Sping Thursday - 19 September 2019 - 18:45 -=-=-=-=- 18:45 Enter + Drinks + Food 19:30 Speaker: Bing Steup - Senior Developer @ Sping GraphQL is the new kid on the block when it comes to API design. It provides an alternative to REST-based architectures with the purpose of increasing developer productivity and minimizing amounts of data transferred. But where does GraphQL shine? What tooling is available? Does it come with any drawbacks? In this talk I will go in depth about our findings @ Sping about implementing GraphQL in a project with multiple api consumers. I come from an Aerospace Engineering backend and, like many of you, I am intrigued by new developments and love to try them out in personal projects. As a full-stack developer, I am really excited about GraphQL as it helpes me on front- and backend. 20:15 Speaker: Alexander Weiss - Developer & Designer @ Sping Containerisation makes it easy to package and run applications. It has some really big advantages over virtual machines and tons of new services are designed specifically for applications using Docker containers. How to get started using Docker, though? And what things should you consider when using it in your projects? In this talk I will tell you about how (and why) we’ve switched to using Docker in development and how we’re now starting to use it in production deployments. I’m an industrial design engineer who loves building digital products. I’ve worked with Docker for a few years now and really appreciate how it simplifies developing and deploying applications.

Generative Art Workshop @ TOPdesk

TOPdesk Netherlands BV

*** The exact contents, date and time are still being discussed *** In short: - We are organising a large free creative programming workshop where you learn to create generative art by code. - We are already talking to experienced creative coding / workshop leaders. - There will be an public expo of the work of the participants planned as well!

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