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This community is for basics to advance users and technologists who want to experience real-life uses of different Cloud platforms using distributed technology solutions to help deliver a solution using microservices, Bigdata, OLTP, OLAP, automated DevOps, and multi-cloud infrastructure.
This platform is for AI, RPA, Cloud Security, Machine Learning, and Deep learning experts to help them in the productionalization and long term adoption and survival of their concept from drawing board to in-market.
This is also to learn about different Blockchain implementation on the cloud as well as effectively doing enterprise cloud migrations with frugality.
We will also have expert sessions on different SAS products such as Office 365 power platforms and emerging technology standards in tune with the digital business transformation happening due to the impact of the 4th and 5th Industrial revolution.

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5thir denotes the 5th industrial revolution and we are committed to helping you transform to save you from the wrath of the digital tsunami that going to impact each one of us as an engineer.

5thIR is our exclusive evangelism platform, we are supported and funded by multicloud4u technologies as well as 1000s of seasoned engineers from 100 of multinationals, public companies, startups, and research organizations across the globe.

Every event has a free level 1 E-Certificate easily embeddable on LinkedIn and endorsed by 1000 of experience technologies across the globe.

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We are an independent virtual entity marching fast to raise ourselves as an independent foundation.

Being a community of people who hold business in hand we are always looking for good people like you for recruiting in hundreds of multinationals and fortune 500 across the globe.

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