What we're about

Hey, This group aim to support individuals have dreams about life and want to accomplish them. We all have dreams, some to better the world, some a little less lofty to better those around us, and some just want to climb mountains. I know that I cannot fix all that is wrong in the world, but what I can fix is what is wrong with me, and then hopefully use those lessons learned to educate others in how to make the same differences in their lives. Rules and Expectations: 1- Once you've qualified to attend meet-up, you need to pay your expenditure INR 500/- for every meet-up. 2- Every member will have to nurture a team environment that builds the confidence and trust levels of team members. 3- Team members must learn that they are active players who focus on getting things done correctly and efficiently. 4- Team members can represent their personal and professional dreams but they must be accurate and clear. 5- Every member have to reach on meet-up time. 6- Be true to yourself and team. All the best.

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