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Hi Folks !

Welcome to the Malayaleez Group ! This is a platform for all those young people who trace their roots to the God's Own Country. Whether you are a pakka mallu ( the hardcore talking ,walking and behaving types ! ) from kerala or a fraud mallu (the one who loves being a malayalee but the only thing he is in real touch with the mallu land is the food and may be the drinks !!!! ), you are welcome to join us on some of the many exciting meetups we are planning, and help build a community of like-minded, easy-going mallus who enjoy new experiences, exploring the world, meeting new people, making friends and having fun. After all we are God's own people :) :) !!!

Please write your Introduction properly and do put your real profile picture only. Profiles are rejected without proper details.
Please go also through the rules n regulations for the group before joining.

Rules and Regulations We always want a fun and a friendly environment. To achieve that , we have formulated certain Rules and Regulations and all members are requested to follow that strictly. 1) Respect all members.
2) Do not use obscene language.
3) Respect everyone's privacy.
4) Any form of harassment towards female members will not be tolerated.
5) No drugs. Few points for the female members. 1) Every event will have one or more female host, with whom you can co-ordinate.
2) We are trying to give the best security for female members and we request your cooperation.
3) At any point of time, during any event, if you find it uncomfortable with some one, request you to approach the event hosts or the organizers immediately.
4) Please do not share your numbers with other members unless you are comfortable with them. Request all members to adhere to the above points strictly, any violations will not be tolerated and members hindering these rules will be permanently banned from the group.

Cheers MalayaleeeeZZZ !!!

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