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There are certain symptoms that are pretty much similar to depression such as the persistent mood swing and irritability. These are normal as today’s times are the most competitive times in the history and people are more burdened than ever. But the sure shot signs that one is suffering from depression are listed below.

– The feelings of being in a black hole or the impending doom. Everything seems useless and waste.

– Hopelessness. One feels hopeless in every aspect of his life, whether it is relationship, job or health.

– Indulging in reckless behaviour. Heavy alcohol abuse, drug abuse and many of other addictions that are potentially harmful.

–Self hatred. Now this one is the biggy. The one suffering from depression has a persistent feeling that he is not enough. Their consciousness is transformed into something that constantly compels people to hate themselves.

–Feeling tired. Lack of energy in the body so that even the little everyday household chores cant be done properly. This may also be due to countless other causes but in case it occurs with other symptoms, this is not something to be taken seriously.

There is one other aspect to the concept of depression that is very heavily misunderstood. The link between creativity and depression, which has been mentioned a lot of times in the number of studies on the condition. The people who are engaged in more creative works such as the writers, painters and musicians are more prone to depression.
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