Beginners Photography Workshop (only Sundays)


Course details: Beginners Photography Workshop

Workshop Highlight

Classes only on Sundays

Know your camera and what it can do for you

Use different lighting situations to create drama in photos

Learn principles of composition and framing

Know why some pictures are more appealing than others

What and how do you click pictures to create the 'WOW' effect!

Functions covered--exposure (over & under), flash, white balance, depth of field, ISO

Workshop Benefits

Smaller batch size to ensure individual interaction and attention

Opportunity to interact with instructors/peers for as long as you want

You can also send your works for review and feedback even after the workshop is over

Certificate of participation

Your photos become eligible for showcasing in the club events

Profile of previous participants

Previous participants of these workshops have been college students, working professionals, home makers, and between 14 years to 45 years of age.


Loads of enthusiasm and any digital camera :)