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Ever felt that the people you are meeting around are the ones you should avoid? Maybe not avoid, kill? Ok, maybe not kill, delete? I think I have searched people in and out and heard enough of Mumbaikers telling me that most of the people here in Delhi are shallow. And I always go like ahhhh... maybe you should meet more people. Remember the girl who smokes marijuana? She is cool. And what about that guy with the dreadlocks? He is fucking Interesting. Or our neighbour who just got divorced? I know she drinks a lot, but she is kind of nice. She has good stories. I am done protecting Delhi and meeting interesting people by chance. Let's come together. Meet someday. And if it really works out, the way it supposes to, we all will go to Mumbai together. *Wink* *Dance*

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Let's meet up and create some magic.

Hauz Khas Fort

Let's meet up and create some magic.

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