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Are you looking for a travel companion (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/browse/) in Delhi? Then Delhi Travel Club is the right place for you to meet like minded travellers from Delhi.

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What happens in Delhi Travel Club?

• If you have a travel (http://echutti.com/trips) plan and looking for a travel buddy (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/browse/) or a group of travellers for your next trip, then you can create a trip and share your trip plan in Delhi Travel Club, anybody available and interested in joining will RSVP to accompany you for the trip.

• If you are interested in joining a trip organized by a fellow traveller in Delhi Travel Club, then you can RSVP to accompany them for the trip.

• If you are a solo traveler (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/) and just want to interact with fellow travellers for getting travel tips (http://echutti.com/travel-forum) or to share your travel experience (http://echutti.com/travel-blog/category/18/my-travel-experience/) then you can start a discussion asking a question for travel tips or create a travel blog (http://echutti.com/travel-blog/) to share your experience.

How to share my trip (http://echutti.com/trips/) plan in Delhi Travel Club?

• Register on eChutti.com (http://echutti.com) and Join Delhi Travel Club (http://echutti.com/delhi-travel-club/)

• Create a trip (http://echutti.com/trips/), provide all required details.

• Your trip plan (http://echutti.com/trips/) will be shared with everybody in Delhi Travel Club through social media and Whatsapp, anybody available and interested will join you for the trip (http://echutti.com/trips/).

Who all can organize a trip in Delhi Travel Club (http://echutti.com/delhi-travel-club/)?

• Any individual traveller (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/) looking for a travel companion.

• Any professional tour organizer (http://echutti.com/trips/).

What kind of trips can be organised in Delhi Travel Club?

• Weekend Getaway (http://echutti.com/trips/category/9/weekend-getaway/)

• International Trip (http://echutti.com/trips/category/28/luxury-tour-packages/)

• Trekking (http://echutti.com/trips/category/19/trekking/)

• Adventure Trip (http://echutti.com/trips/category/10/adventure-trip/)

• Hiking (http://echutti.com/trips/category/20/hiking/)

• Road trip (http://echutti.com/trips/category/21/road-trip-2-wheeler/)

• Mountaineering (http://echutti.com/trips/category/23/mountaineering/)

• Wildlife Safari (http://echutti.com/trips/category/24/wildlife-safari/)

• Desert Safari (http://echutti.com/trips/category/25/desert-safari/)

• Heritage Travel (http://echutti.com/trips/category/26/heritage-travel/)

• Family outing (http://echutti.com/trips/category/27/family-outing/)

• Weekend trip (http://echutti.com/trips/category/9/weekend-getaway/)

• Beach Holiday (http://echutti.com/trips/category/11/beach-holiday/)

• Luxury tour packages (http://echutti.com/trips/category/28/luxury-tour-packages/)

Who can join Delhi Travel Club?

Delhi (http://echutti.com/delhi-travel-club/)Travel Club is for all Travel Enthusiasts staying in and around Delhi. You may be an individual Backpacker (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/), Trekker (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/), Hiker (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/), Adventure Traveler (http://echutti.com/travel-buddy/) or you may be someone interested to getaway on a long weekend luxurious group trip (http://echutti.com/trips/) with family and friends or you may be someone who is looking for a travel companion for next trip, you are welcome to join as far as you are passionate about travelling (http://echutti.com/trips/).

Where do you usually travel?

We travel anywhere and everywhere. Some of the domestic tour destinations include: Goa trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=goa), Andaman trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=andaman), Kerala tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=kerala), Kashmir trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=kashmir), Rajasthan tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=rajasthan), Darjeeling trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=darjeeling), Shimla trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=shimla), Kullu Manali trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=manali), Lakshadweep cruise trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=lakshadweep), Munnar trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=munnar), Pondicherry trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=pondicherry), Gulmarg trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=gulmarg), Udaipur tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=udaipur), Mount Abu trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=mount+abu), Nainital trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=nainital) and International tour destinations include: Thailand tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=Thailand), Singapore trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=singapore), Trip to Bali (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=bali), Malaysian trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=malaysia), Euro trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=europe), Dubai trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=dubai), Mauritius tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=mauritius), Bangkok trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=bangkok), Phuket trip (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=phuket), Pataya tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=pataya), Maldives tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=maldives), Paris tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=paris), Switzerland tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=switzerland), Srilanka tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=srilanka), Australia tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=australia), New Zealand tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=new+zealand), UK tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=uk), South African tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=south+africa), African Safari tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=africa), China tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=china), Hong Kong tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=hong+kong), France tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=france), Italy tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=italy), Rome tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=rome), Spain tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=spain), London tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=london), USA tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=usa), Canada tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=canada), Brazil tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=brazil), Japan tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=japan), Russia tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=russia), Egypt tour (http://echutti.com/trips?s=1&view=all&when=upcoming&search%5Bsearch%5D=egypt)

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Winter trip to Ladakh

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Winter trip to Ladakh Trip details : http://eChutti.com/trips/3096 Message from Trip organizer : Ladakh, the land of high passes or the land of Lamas or the land of culture, need no description! Ladakh calls everyone – some for its landscape (barren and yet so incredibly mesmerizing), some for its wildlife, some for its culture, some for its history, some for the purest form of Tibetan Buddhism and spirituality, and some for the sheer thrill it offers all year round. We are calling out to all the adventure junkies to join us a Winter Expedition of Ladakh where we traverse through the winding roads of Ladakh surrounded by nothing but a white layer of snow. Let's travel to learn how the locals of Ladakh live in the extreme weather? We got your back to protect you from the cold and give you a unique experience of Ladakh like never before? For details, Contact - Kush Sharma -[masked] (SMS/Call/Whatsapp) OR write at [masked] Trip Highlights Phayang Village : Located hardly 30 minutes from Leh, Phayang offers some breathtaking sceneries. In sum... For any missing details, comment on this link: http://eChutti.com/trips/3096

Enticing Bali & Gili Islands Rs.28999 from 18th March 2019

TRIP TO BALI & GILI : If you are longing for a holiday amidst golden beaches and azure seas, where you can enjoy peaceful moments and feel some adrenaline rush at the same time, then book our Trip to Bali & Gili, without much ado. Bali is an Indonesian Island known for its coral reefs, stunning beaches, live volcanoes, flourishing forests, serene landscapes, and iconic rice terraces. One of the most upcoming travel destinations in the world, Bali is simply beautiful and soul-soothing to the travelers. Visit -http://www.travelkhiladi.com/bali_masti.aspx or write to us at [masked] Departure Date : 18th March 2019 -24th March[masked] Nights & 7 days Cost @ INR 28,999 only +Airfare Extra Day 1 - Arrival at Bali, Evening Sky Garden party Note – Sky Garden entry included. Day 2 – Full day Tanjung Benoa for Watersports & Uluwatu temple visit Note –Flying Fish, Jet Ski and Banana Boat Ride included. Day 3 –Transfer to Gili Island and Walking Tour Day 4 – Full Day Free at Gili island Day 5 – Transfer to Bali and Visit Rice Terraces ,Kintamani & Ubud Market Day 6 – Ayung River Rafting and Besakih Temple Note – White Water Rafting Included Day 7 - Transfer to Ngurah Rai International Airport Cost Includes ❖ Stay for 4 Nights in Bali – 4* Hotel in Legian / Ubud area. ❖ Stay for 2 Nights in Gili – 3* Deluxe Hotel ❖ Daily breakfast ❖ Return Airport transfers ❖ White river rafting at Ayung river ❖ Sightseeing & entrance as per Itinerary ❖ All taxes ❖ Bali Visa on Arrival Free. ❖ All tours and transfers with Private car for our group. Cost Excludes ➢ ​Lunch / Dinner unless mentioned ➢ Int’l Airfare ➢ Personal Expenses ➢ Travel Insurance Age Limit – 25 to 55 yrs Total Group Size – 16 Only (Apart from Tour leader) For bookings reach us at -[masked] /[masked] Visit -http://www.travelkhiladi.com/bali_masti.aspx or write to us at [masked] Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/travelkhiladi/ and instagram. Regards, Travel Khiladi

Holi in Shekhawati


Holi in Shekhawati Holi in Shekhawati is indeed unique, traditional and heart-warming. In Mandawa town of Shekhawati, you will find people of all religions coming together on streets for the love of oneness and dancing to the traditional beats, forgetting all their communal differences. Women peeping from their veils, dancing men with their colorful turbans, and the stalls of bhang can be found in any street of Mandawa. A few dancing men can be seen cross-dressed i.e. men dressed as women while celebrating Holi in Shekhawati. This unusual practice has a great story behind! A great benefit of celebrating Holi in Shekhawati is that you won’t be pushed against random strangers during celebrations as the crowd is less and very-well managed by local authorities. Let’s embark on a journey to celebrate Holi in the most unique and fun way, unravel the rich and amusing history of this region, and to give a visual treat to our eyes and click some Instagram-perfect shots. Be ready to explore the unexplored and be amazed by this hidden gem in the state of Rajasthan! Trip Highlights 1. Holi Celebrations 2. Havelis 3. Cenotaphs 4. Podar Haweli and Museum 5. Morarka Haweli 6. Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary 7. Visiting Local Artisans 8. Camel Ride and Sunset in Desert 9. Visiting the school for differently abled Complete details: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/holi-in-shekhawati/ Itinerary Day 1: Blending with Holi Colors Depart from Delhi in a Tempo Traveler at 6 AM Short Halt for tea Reach Mandawa around 1 PM Lunch Holi Celebrations Traditional Rajasthani Dinner with bonfire Day 2: Romancing with Heritage Breakfast Poddar Cenotaphs Visiting School for special kids Lunch Churu Heritage Walk Special Tea in Churu Local Market Dinner Day 3: A day with nature Breakfast Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary Lunch Exploring rural life around the sanctuary Local artisan visit Sunset and Camel ride in desert Dinner Day 4: Glory of past Breakfast Podar Haveli & Museum Morarka Haveli Lunch Start driving back to Delhi Cost Ex – Delhi (starting and ending in Delhi) 9900 INR if registered on/before Jan[masked] INR if registered after Jan 25 Inclusions All transport to/from Delhi-NCR Stay in a traditional haveli style hotel on twin sharing basis for three nights Day 1: Lunch, and Dinner Day 2: Breakfast and Dinner Day 3: Breakfast and Dinner Day 4: Breakfast Expenses of local guides during the trip Cost of all activities mentioned in the plan A 24/7 highly professional and friendly group lead throughout the tour Please note that for Holi in Shekhawati trip, there will be two pick-up points: a. 6.00 AM: Hotel Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport (near Mahipalpur) b. 6. 20 AM: IFFCO Chowk Metro Station in Gurgaon Participants are requested to arrive 15 min prior to the pick-up point. Contact: Chandni Aggarwal [masked] (call/SMS/WhatsApp) (Please leave a WhatsApp message requesting to call back if you find number is not reachable) [masked]

Bir Billing- Fly High n Touch the Sky!

Needs a location

Bir Billing- Fly High n Touch the Sky! Trip details : http://eChutti.com/trips/3232 Message from Trip organizer : Open the wings of freedom and make your dream true of flying in the Air. Yolo!!!!! hey all.. We are back again with a thrilling weekend. woohoo... it's Paragliding in Bir Billing! Bir which is a small town in the Kangra [Himachal Pradesh] is well known for its majority Tibetan population and having beautiful monasteries and mesmerising views of mountains. In other hand, this beautiful place mostly referred as "Paragliding Capital of India. Billing is the takeoff point for paragliding and Bir for landing so it is famous as "Bir Billing". Dates- 29th March-1st April. TRIP COST; - 3 days 2 nights 6250/- Per Person [Excluding Paragliding charges] Itinerary:- Day 0 21st March 19:30 pick up from Pick up point. overnight journey to Bir. Day 1 22nd March Arrival at Bir. sight seen in Bir. Overnight stay. Day 2 23rd March time to fly high 31st March Trekking or sight scene (Optional) paragliding (Optional) Bonfire party at campsite. overnight s... For any missing details, comment on this link: http://eChutti.com/trips/3232

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