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At this group, we believe in challenging the status quo and helping leaders deliver the right outcomes.

We help leaders deliver the right outcomes by sharing experiences, increasing awareness of good delivery practices, enhancing learning and developing skills through workshops, trainings and networking.

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Agile transformations fail because organisations don't do this!

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Rob Roe (Managing Director, OneTrust) recently co-authored a book, Giving Hope, in which he explored and explained the reasons why organisational change and transformation programs run into trouble when they expand Agile beyond the IT Shop. This is because they don’t understand how Agile actually works and therefore don’t know how to apply it across their enterprise. Rob will present his findings with examples from the case studies. With this understanding of the underlying principles of Agile, Lean, Teal and more, we can successfully make our organisation wide transformation work!

Priming for success: Driving change well!

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Building sustainable momentum in any delivery transformation is hard. Getting the foundations for change right is key. In this talk Cameron Gough (GM, Envato) will share some of his insights from working to drive change in a large corporate and then in a digital first smaller organisation. About charging ($5) for this event: There has been a significant number of no-shows at meetups resulting in waste of food. Until we find a better solution to minimise wastage or better usage of leftover food, a nominal charge seems to be a viable option to detract those who do not take these events seriously. Please note that sponsors and organisers spend their time and money in scheduling these events. If you are a student or are in between jobs and can't afford to pay, please let me know via DM. Cheers, Raj Image credit: Gerd Altmann from https://pixabay.com

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ANZ New Ways of Working: The transformation journey so far

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