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Love thy neighbour: improving collaboration through openness using ORSC

Hello Delivery Leaders,

I'm glad to have quite a useful topic for this meetup, and my friends Alan as the speaker. This is an interactive session and I'm sure there will be a lot to learn.


Agile and coaching are becoming very common and their adoption is expanding, with a common belief that they enable more effective delivery. But really, it is not easy to drive happy, effective and innovative teams, who in turn deliver great outcomes for the customer. A significant part of the challenge is the relationships within the systems (individuals, teams and even the organisation).

ORSC (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching) provides tools and techniques to work with and improve relationships. It combines traditional coaching concepts with Systems Thinking, while also incorporating a wide range of other concepts and methodologies including Quantum Physics!

We'll get a taste of how ORSC tools and techniques can be utilised to great effect, allowing us to access and utilize the team's and the organization's collective intelligence.

About Alan:
Alan is an Agile Coach with over 20 years software project delivery experience in a wide range of business sectors across Europe and Australasia.

Alan has a strong belief that the whole really is capable of being greater than the sum of its parts - when it wants to be. Spending time and effort enabling synergy can bring systems together, so that there are happy innovative people delivering excellent outcomes. A core ingredient for high performing teams and a better world.

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