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Mindset Hacks: 6 Ways to Boost Leaders' Performance

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Hi all, I am glad to have Isabel presenting at the next event. Isabel is an expert in organisational behavioural methods. This session is quite deep and interesting. If you are a leader or wish to learn more about the leadership mindset, join this session. - Rajesh ---- “Don’t worry.” “Just do it.” “Think big.” Do you repeat exhortations like these because you believe they are important to your success? If these work as people say, then why are you still grappling with challenges they are supposed to fix? The truth is, most of us are trapped in what Stanford professors Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton call the “knowing-doing gap”. EVENT DETAILS Finding yourself recently dealing with even more barriers than usual to achieving your project, product or program success? Join us for this informative session on mindset where we will explore the mental paradigms relevant to success for the entrepreneurial, innovative and/or solutions-focused purpose-driven leaders of today. In this practical session, we will not just delve into various mindsets, you will learn how to hack your mind to position yourself – and your teams – for higher performance. Using a few simple techniques that can be easily mastered with a little practice, you can channel behaviours without the usual burdens that come with instigating behavioural change. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Isabel Wu is an expert in work who has been using organisational behavioural methods to help leaders achieve high performance, especially in times of change, for almost two decades. She focuses on the digital workforce and how technology is changing the way organisations and people work. She is the best-selling author of, The Michelangelo Project: Making It in the Digital Century Workforce. Note by Rajesh: I will add Google Meet or Zoom details later.

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