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Each month we have a social half-hour followed by a speaker and (lively) discussion. The dress code is relaxed. The vibe is welcoming. The speakers are inspiring. Our goal is to ensure that our dollars flow to people who share our values and principles. We do not want our money going to those who will then give our dollars to empower those who do NOT share our values. We want our dollars to support the environmental protections still remaining, technologies that provide answers for the emergency of global climate change, and efforts to strengthen our social justice fabric. Ours is a space where liberals and progressives connect -- people who own small businesses, people who are employed by organizations, and people who simply spend money in the Pikes area. For years, an unwritten axiom in Colorado Springs was that you "had" to be a Republican to succeed in business locally. Thankfully, those days are in the past. We come together to ensure that we can identify businesses and business owners who share our values and principles.

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