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This is a group for anyone interested in learning about the corruption of the U.S Government in controlling the people through their control of the food, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries to keep us indentured to them while slowly taking away our right to choose what we want and the quality of the products and services we need to lead a free and healthy life. This becomes a form of communism/socialism even though it would be hard to believe it could happen in America "The Land of the Free". For example (whether we want to pay for healthcare or not without being penalized has been taken away under Obamacare which it seems we've become stuck with now, and whether we want to give our children in public schools vaccines or not has been taken away from a parents right to choose for their child even though these vaccines contain mercury and aluminum which cause autism in babies and toddlers causing learning disabilities and retardation which is higher than ever before. 1 in 68 kids is the current Autism statistic in the U.S and vaccines cause autoimmune diseases and cancer in adults because what's in them are not told to Doctors. Doctors are only told to give the vaccines by the CDC and Gov't. Learn why the Gov't doesn't care about your health but just forcing us into limiting our food buying choices in grocery stores which are now 90% Genetically Modified Foods. These GMO's are not natural, they are bio-engineered to include viruses and bacteria in their seeds which cause cancer and other long-term diseases over time, allowing doctors to prescribe medications for many diseases which could be cured by eating healthier foods which are no longer in existence for us... not to mentions pushing surgeries on us we could treat through alternative medicine which won't be covered under your insurance in order for big sales for Pharmaceutical companies which can then pay out big taxes to keep the Gov't. rolling while using us as guinea pigs in order to do it.

Learn about Obama and Hilary Clinton's real agendas while they were in office as President and Secretary of State and watch documentaries on how they got their start in politics and where their lives and thought processes started before they got into politics....why Bernie Sanders and other progressive/socialist democrats are so hung up on keeping illegal immigrants in this country and bringing in boat loads of specifically Muslim refugees from Syria and other places (we are all for helping Refugees but socialist democrats who have taken over congress are not doing it to help refugees, even though that's what they tell us...it's to give them voting rights for the democrat socialist agenda which any legal alien can now do if you look at the back of your voter registration card. So the democratic party wants to use them and others for political votes down the line to continue the above cycles in all industries which hurt everyone living here as long as possible because it brings in more sales taxes to the Federal Gov't at our expense. This meetup group will be based around watching various documentaries to educate ourselves before the next very important Presidential election comes up in 2020. For those of you who consider yourselves Democrats, what you will learn will scare you and make you think twice about the party you support... It will depend on minority voters of all races and genders, including new minority citizens to keep this country running strong if you want to keep your rights to have options to choose (rather than having your options limited by Gov't such as Obamacare and industry strangling regulations allowing for monopolies such as Obama had passed allowed to happen to limit smaller companies from competing thereby reducing our choices.) LEARNING THE TRUTH AND SPREADING THE KNOWLEDGE TO FRIENDS AND YOUNGER VOTERS IS THE ONLY WAY TO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES TWICE.

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