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Power BI meeting in Copenhagen

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Just Thorning B. and 2 others
Power BI meeting in Copenhagen


Ready steady GO! Once again we will do something extraordinary. This time we will not just have 2 or 3 sessions - but 6! Yes, we will have six different sessions split on two tracks. Biggest meeting so far! Each session will be 45 minutes.

Introduction to PowerApps – “You really don’t need involve SharePoint in this” A fast paced demo of how PowerApps works and how you can build an App connected to Azure SQL database and save images and records in Azure Blobstorage /Erik Svensen

Best practices for managing PowerApps and Microsoft Flow
As your company's adoption of PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Common Data Service for Apps grows, so does your need to protect your company's data, control access and monitor usage. In this presentation targeted at central IT, departmental and team admins, learn best practices for managing PowerApps and Microsoft Flow in your organization. Also discover our roadmap for administrative capabilities. /Bent Nissen

User adoption /Søren Christian Poulsen

Best practice visualizing and storytelling - “What did the pie-chart say to the table?”
An introduction to visualization theory, visualization techniques and storytelling, and how these in unison can enable user adoption /Mads Friis Buhl

Advanced Webscraping in Power BI
WWW is full of good data sources and more and more data is being made available to us BI people in an easy way as OData services, but there are also many other good data sources that we need to work a little more to get downloaded. This session gives a quick glimpse of how websites today are constructed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and then how we use this when we download content. /Janus Søndergaard

XMLA Endpoints, Power BI open-platform connectivity.
Microsoft is now opening up and giving us access to the Analysis Services engine in the Power BI service. This gives you semantic models that serve as the single source of truth for the whole enterprise. This session will give you the complete overview, show how to get started, demoes of currently working client tools and what to expect next. /Just Blindbæk

The host of the meeting is Inspari, who will sponsor food, drinks and open up the doors and show us their new facilities in Kgs. Lyngby.

Gammel Lundtoftevej 7 · Kongens Lyngby
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