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Marvel "What if" X-Universe & Ghostbusters RPG
FULL GROUP. Please also note, ALL games are AUDIO recorded, we are an audio actual play podcast. This will be a bi-weekly group and this meet up is just to organize. NEW RSVPS that are not approved by the host will be placed into not going automatically. Sorry. World of Arkonis Rules Ghostbusters - TSR's Marvel Superheroes Creation rules are, Random Rolls > Keep as is or re-roll (keeping new)

Needs a location

What we're about

Are you looking for -- RolePlaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Collectable Card Games, Trading Card Games, Mini's Games, social events and more? Are you at least 18 years of age? (under 18 ok to join with parental permission)

Well then you found the right place! Join the only group in Denton that is active with events almost everyday!

We're based in the Denton County area (Sanger, Krum, Denton, Justin, Decatur, Argyle, Keller, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Carrollton, Coppell, The Colony, Little Elm, Frisco, Corinth, Prosper, Aubrey and Pilot Point) BUT ANYONE in Texas, or South Oklahoma is invited to stop by for a game or two.

Normally gaming/events occurs at the Madness Comics gaming store (in Denton) or other public venues. Occasionally a game is hosted at someones home. We ask that you attend at least 2 Meetups with the group before gaming at a residence, or email and obtain permission from the host BEFORE you sign up. This is for the protection of our members and their safety. We normally have games every weekend and sometimes during the week.

Here's a brief list of what our members have played (if its not here, suggest it!):

•Dungeons & Dragons (All Editions)
•Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
•Gamma World
•Vampire: The Masquerade
•Castle Ravenloft
•Star Trek HeroClix
•Battlestar Galactica
•Settlers of Catan
•Star Wars RPG
•The Walking Dead
•Dark Tower
•Warhammer Fantasy
•Risk Legacy
•Lejendary Adventures
And Many More!

If you have have an idea and it wasn't covered here, suggest it! You never know what people might be interested in.

Update as of June 2017:

We understand people have a live and can't join in on everything. If you can't attend an event don't worry. If you sign up for an event and can't make it last minute, just drop a comment on the event meetup that something came up. As well, some events might have limited spots, which means when you RSVP, you take up one of those limited spots. If you can not attend, or are unsure about it, please do not RSVP. If you RSVP for a spot in a limited event and do a no show more then once, the next time you RSVP to an event and there is limited spots, you will be placed on the waiting or not attending listed, so someone who does attend on a regular basis can enjoy the event.

Please remember, be courteous to one another when we game and if you are never going to an event, do not RSVP NO every time, or RSVP NO out of "spite".

If a hosting event says, "GROUP FULL" please do not RSVP to the event, leave a comment or private message the host of the event to see if a spot opens up. RSVP'ing on a full or closed event will just result in being placed in the "Can't attend" or "not going" area and you'll lose any chance you have to join that event in the future.

Violation of any these minor rules can at any point and time subject to your removal from this meet

Update as of Dec 2017:

Every quarter we will be removing people who are not active in the group to keep the numbers down to a reasonable size of people who wish to be active and not a giant group of people who do nothing. Anyone listed as "Last visited over a month ago" and over will be removed. Want to remain the group? be active by commenting, joining a game, starting a game, start up discussions and visiting the site.

Update as of June 2018:

We've removed the ruling of Dec 2017 of removing members who aren't active after various requests of people. Those who were removed can rejoin if they'd like. Though if you haven't visited the group in over a year, you maybe removed to clean up membership. Face it, if you haven't been here in a year, you aren't coming back.

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