What we're about

We are a group of people who come together to sit and meditate (time for social mingling always included). The group is not affiliated with any religion or guru, and just brings together people who like the power of having a group to meditate with. We all just do whatever meditation method works for us -- and those who are experienced meditators are available to help out others who are newer to the practice.

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Evening with Valentina and Misha, June 9, Monday night
Needs a date and time

Solstice Center

Meditation, talk about healing work and meditation
Short healing work.

With exquisite tenderness, Valentina’s touch opens us to the beauty and mystery of love on all levels of existence. Valentina will fill you with light from her hands and sound from her lips as she softly repeats very old sacred and secret mantras that have their origin in the Russian language.

Her extensive research in environmental pollution evolved into discoveries for treatment of radiation, pollution, aging diseases, work-related illnesses, and disease prevention. At the governmental Cardiology Scientific and Medical Center in Moscow, she researched the varying effects on all body systems of heart failure, multi-organ toxicity and other health disorders.

Misha, Russian Intuitive and Bio- Energy Master

Yuliya : Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Herbalist CHANGE

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