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Processed-Free Living Meeting. Monthly Topic: Uncommon Veggies
• What we'll do A monthly meeting, led by a holistic nutritionist, where nutrition education is provided and eating and living processed-free is discussed. It is a group meeting where anyone can ask questions about the topic of the month, exchange information and ideas, and seek help on challenges with eating processed-free. The event is open to anyone who is interested in a processed-free lifestyle. t is a free event without any dues, solicitations, weigh-ins, or calorie counting. Also, there will be a food demo by Natural Grocers. Come join us - no registration is required. • What to bring • Important to know

Natural Grocers

4900 Kipling Street · Wheat Ridge, CO

What we're about

"No weigh-ins, no calorie counting. The intention of this group is to create a space for change; to educate and enlighten ourselves on the value of proper nutrition, and to support each other in making healthy food choices."

We are a group of caring people dedicated to helping each other learn to eat more healthfully, by replacing any processed foods in our diets with foods that are real, natural, and tasty! You will learn to eat “processed-free” in a group setting designed to foster solid knowledge of nutrition, healthy cooking, and confident food choices.

In her book The Science of Skinny, Dee details her journey from obese junk food junkie to health-savvy nutritionist. Knowing how daunting it can be to alter one’s diet, Dee shares her own experience managing the transition and lays out a plan to help readers make the jump. She emphasizes the importance of having a supportive community to help us stay on track.

“Support is crucial” says Dee, “because it helps us to cultivate a belief in ourselves and connects us to others in ways that we don’t often find in other relationships, especially when it comes to changing our food choices.”

The Processed-Free Support Group is a great place to learn about healthy foods, ask questions, exchange recipes and ideas, try new foods and experience the magic of working together to achieve a common goal.

The first Processed-Free Support group was held in 2010 in Tempe, Arizona where Dee lives. Since then other people have started groups in cities where they live. There are Processed-Free Support groups in cities across the U.S.

The group follows suggestions outlined in The Science of Skinny by Dee McCaffrey, in conjunction with other scientifically confirmed nutrition information. Books can be purchased at the group meetings or online here (*

*Processed-Free America ( a non-profit organization founded by Dee McCaffrey and her husband Michael McCaffrey. Its mission is to help eliminate childhood and adult obesity through nutrition education to both young and old.

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