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Meet for Coffee to talk DevOps
This meetup is very informal - it is a show up, have a coffee and chat about work kind of thing. Basically, it's all about making your systems and services more reliable, so typical topics might be configuration management, deployment, monitoring or the quirks of deploying on AWS/Google Compute Engine/Azure or private hardware, whether in a server room or a data center, but the discussion is really up to whoever is there. I'm the tall guy with a goatee and a light brown leather backpack, though if other people haven't shown up yet I'll have my laptop out and the lid is encrusted with tech stickers. Don't feel you have to stay for the whole two hours - show up when you can, get your caffeine, stay as long as you want, then go.

Starbucks Arapahoe Marketplace

8547 E Arapahoe Rd #1 · Greenwood Village, co

What we're about

We get together to talk about Dev+Ops, Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management, Cloud Computing, Leadership, Culture, Automation, Metrics, and hang out with some friendly folks over coffee.

Whether you call yourself a DevOps engineer, an SRE or consider yourself an old school sysadmin, we probably talk about stuff relevant to your job. And if you're a developer who wants to learn more about the ops side of things, you're welcome too.

Basically, if you've got a system that you get alerted about when it's down, we're your tribe, we've all felt your pain.

Inspired by the Silicon Valley CoffeeOps meetup I was a regular at before moving to Denver.

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