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$25 or multiple class discount

Would you like to know how to manage your dog(s) while you change their behavior at the front door? This class will address barking, jumping, rushing, escaping and over excitement. We will also touch on growling and fear.

Please indicate if you would like one of the working spots for your dog – do not bring your dog unless it has been confirmed that he has a spot.

Registration required: mishamayfoundation@gmail.com or 303-239-0382 Use paypal or credit card at www.mishamayfoundation.org or mail a check to Misha May, PO Box 151166, Lakewood, CO 80215-1166.

Special Deals on Multiple Classes:
1 class: $25 if paid 2 days before the class; $35 after.
2 classes: $40 if paid 2 days before your first choice.
4 classes: $75 if paid 2 days before the first class.
6 classes: $100/ up to 2 days before the first class; when you register, you must choose the 6 classes

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