Flag Football in Englewood

This is a past event

13 people went

Every week on Sunday

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Flag Football at Englewood High

Bring a dark and a light shirt. Rules and disclaimer below. In the rare event that all fields at Englewood High are occupied, we do have a backup field at nearby Bates-Logan park.


Turf Field is 80 yards long with endzone of 10 yards each. First down markers are every twenty yards and possession begins on the offense’s 20.

Grass field is set up 88 paces, first downs every 22 paces and endzones 10 paces deep. Offense starts a first ‘first down’

Scrimmage Rule Only: Coin toss determines possession and direction. Teams change ends to start the 2nd half. Game to 10, with scores equaling 1, halftime when one team reaches 6 points.

Offense has 4 downs to cross each first down line. On 4th down the offensive team must announce whether it will punt or go for a 1st down. there is no actual punt . the field will be flipped and the other team takes possession on their own 20 in the event of a “punt.”

QB and Blitz Rules:

9+ players per team: QB can run or handoff on any down/Full Defensive Rush

8 players: QB can run or handoff once per set of downs

7 players: No QB Run (no count)

6 players or less: No snap required, defense may rush or 5 Mississippi sack count (QB down on “Sack” and ball spotted at QB) If a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage, the vocal count is void.

Only one forward pass is allowed. Once the ball has crossed the LOS, forward passes are not allowed. Any forward passes beyond the LOS will be a spot foul. Pass is legal so long as one foot is behind the line of scrimmage

All players are eligible to receive passes. Receivers must have 2 feet in bounds when making a catch. Interceptions may be returned by the defense.

RUNNER *The runner may NOT leave his feet to avoid a defender or score (no diving or hurdling). The ball is spotted on the waist of the runner once the flag breaks. The runner can NOT lower his shoulder or head to intentionally run through the defender.

DEAD BALLS Play is ruled dead when: a) Ball carrier’s flag is pulled (if the carrier’s flag inadvertently falls off, any defensive contact constitutes de-flagging). b) Ball carrier steps out of bounds. c) Ball carrier is contacted by defense while touching the ground with something other than a hand or foot. d) Touchdown is scored.

Any ball that touches the ground is ruled dead at the spot it hits the ground.

Stripping the ball is not allowed

PENALTIES *ie. False start and offensive pass interference will result in the down being replayed.

Offsides and Defensive pass interference result in Offense’s choice of play result or replay down.

Roughing the Passer – contact with the QB’s hand in throwing motion is not allowed and results in offense’s choice of result or replay.

SAFETY *A safety will result in defensive team getting the ball on the 50. No points are given.

Disclaimer: This is football, though we are out here to have a good time, injuries can occur. Proper shoes, mouth pieces, attire are encouraged. We are not responsible for any injuries.