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This is a group for readers of gay men's fiction and non-fiction. Though this will appeal mostly to gay men, though any man is welcome to join and participate actively. This group is exclusively for men. Each Meeting will be cut off at 13 participants so that everyone can participate.
We will plan to meet every other month in my home where we can get some quiet space for discussion and sharing.
The books will be chosen by the members recommendations and in a democratic fashion or I may on occasion just select one. The expectation will be, however, that you will really read the book and come prepared to participate actively in the discussion.  We will not be reading "porn" per se, but I hope we will be choosing both fiction and perhaps some non-fiction titles that have literary or historical merit. We choose upcoming books from suggestions by members including myself.
The group itself has opted to make meetings a potluck dinner as well. Of course not everyone will be expected to bring something every time. 
Should you sign up but then fail to visit the site or attend a Meetup for 5+ months or no-show twice, I may remove you from the list to save Meetup registration money and allow others to join up who are interested. You can rejoin if you wish. I'll be keeping the group below the 40 member cutoff. Thanks. 

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It is 1960s South Carolina — before Stonewall, before the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1965, and before the realignment of the political parties — and tension is brewing not just in the state but in Carter Ridge as well. This inexperienced, wealthy idealist is running for governor to help end racial segregation, and to bring his political program called "The Good Life," to the skeptical people of his fair Southern state.
But complications arise when Carter falls in love with a young man, Gabriel, a military cadet who is working on his campaign. Not sure what to make of this light-hearted admirer, or his own conflicted feelings, Carter tries to focus on the immediate at the expense of losing sight as to what is really important in "The Good Life."

As Carter's political future expands possibly past the governorship, he must choose between following his ideals, or following his heart.

A provocative romance set against the history of a politically divisive era, this novel is a tender portrait of a mythic hero; it is a gay parable that resonates for us today.

Pot luck donations to be solicited the week beforehand. Location as usual but reiterated at the same time.

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