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What we’re about

What are paranormal-supernatural experiences? Paranormal Talks is here to educate and help us find out what is paranormal-supernatural about us, particularly around our own consciousness. This includes controlled remote viewing (CRV), spiritual transformative experiences (STEs), such as afterlife contacts, OBE Astral projection, ET abduction-contact, ghostly encounters, Near Death Experiences (NDE), and their related psychic experiences, and more. Moreover, these phenomena have stood at the core of religious traditions across cultures and centuries. In secular terms our paranormal experiences suggest that our human consciousness is greater than the brain and broader than what we have believed possible; that these experiences may be quite different from its physical appearance; and that life itself cannot be fully measured by physical, scientific, or mechanistic definitions. With these phenomena and our discoveries regarding them, we now understand that we, i.e. our consciousness, continues to exist, joyously and freely, in other dimensional levels when we are still in our bodies, and, when we die, or rather transition, into other frequency levels. Requirements: open mind and willing attitude to learn something possibly outside our comfort zone.

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‘We NDEers have brought back our experiences to share love from beyond this dimension and witness how our experience is affecting this dimension with healing. We also bring back energy to change this reality with our light. Further, I chose to come back to witness the great awakening of mankind, the evolution of awareness, love, and light.’

Paranormal Talks Purpose- To create heaven on earth. Share our spiritual transformative experiences, ask questions about the experience, hear speakers on related topics that support these experiences, discuss the spirituality of the NDE experience and bring in related tools and psychic abilities that help the experiencers and non-experiencers.

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