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We are the original Denver Area Jews and Brews. Speaking of Denver...

...Denver. It’s been called the Jerusalem of the West, the Tel Aviv of the Range, the Miami of the Rockies. Actually, it’s never been called any of those things, but the Mile-High City is a great place to meet your fellow Tribes folk, and we’re here to make it happen. Whether you want to check out Denver’s best delis or go hiking, celebrate Shabbat or hit up a museum, volunteer or go skiing, drink on Purim or drink on a random night at a craft brewery, Jews & Brews is the social group for you. If you’re Jewish or Jewish in spirit, we invite you to join us for fun, adventure, and camaraderie.

If you want to host or organize events, just ask.


Even though it is fun organizing events, it is a lot of effort. Please respect our time and follow the rules:

1) Please participate in at least 1 event in a 12 month period.

2) 3 strike policy - Please show up when you RSVP. If you RSVP to attend and event and don’t show up, we will count that as a strike against you. This policy includes canceling within 24 hours of the event start time.

Upcoming events (3)

The Bluffs - A short Sunday Morning Hike/Walk

Bluffs Regional Park

Let's meet at the benches by the trail entrance and go for a nice morning hike. The Bluffs is an easy set of trails and depending upon our moods we can walk any distance from 1 to 4+ miles. If some people are up for it we can even find someplace to get lunch afterward. We can easily form a distance between us which is key because even those who normally would wear a mask may not want to while hiking (carbon intake can be a bear). Masks are optional.

Dating App Refresh: up your game online!

Online event

Need a dating app refresh? Learn some tips & tricks with Abby Rosenblum from The Social: Modern Matchmaking! This workshop will be interactive so come with questions about dating apps best practices. About The Social: Modern Matchmaking - a bespoke matchmaking service that helps Denver's young professionals find love through blind dates and singles events. Our goal is to make dating easy and fun. We only look for people who want a committed relationship, have their shit together - in terms of a job & finances, and are ready to be their authentic selves! We also have a strict no ghosting policy! About Abby Rosenblum AKA the Modern Yenta and Founder of The Social: Modern Matchmaking. Abby is a Denver native with a passion for storytelling and connecting. After going through her own struggles with dating apps, she decided to start The Social to create a place for like-minded singles to come together. She realized that dating shouldn't be hard, but easy and fun! She also loves meeting new people and figuring out how people can fit together like a puzzle. She also loves puzzles... LOL

Denver Beer Co. - Happy Hour

Denver Beer Co

Pushing this out a few weeks when bars hopefully reopen! Denver Beer Co is now opened! Tables are limited to 8 people so if you are not planning to attend please change your RSVP. I am not attending but happy to organize this event for everyone. If a group of 8 feels like to many for social distancing you can break into 2 tables. https://denverbeerco.com/

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