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Kickstarter Rifftrax Godzilla AND Anaconda

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Apparently the boys at Rifftrax have a chance to secure not only the rights for a live show of Godzilla, but coincidentally enough considering we just watched it on Laserdisc during our last meetup - Anaconda as well!

So if their kick starter gets over $250k this happens - they're currently sitting at $150k at this moment. SO if you want to take part and contribute - there are a ton of great prize packages. We contributed to the Starship Troopers kickstarter - that's how we got our awesome signed poster hanging on our wall.

here is the link if you are so inclined:

Mary and I are currently figuring out what our next meetup will be for June - we are thinking of doing our first 3D feature - so keep watch, due to limited viewable space - the number of attendees may be limited - I have to do some more measuring... be good out there!

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