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How to Make a PBS Documentary
Hi Everyone! In this meetup, we're doing two things: 1. Premiering the new documentary from Richard W. Luckin called Journey to Promontory, which is a great piece on what it took to get the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads to meet in Promontory, Utah where they completed the transcontinental railroad and installed the famed "golden spike." You get to see this even before it's aired on PBS! 2. Hosting a Q & A panel discussion after the premier with the producer, videographer and editor of the documentary. We'll discuss the production techniques and challenges encountered during the year of production. This is your opportunity to ask your questions to find out what it took to produce, shoot and edit this one-hour documentary for PBS. This meetup is really for two audiences: 1) people who want to know what it takes to make an excellent PBS-quality documentary and 2) history enthusiasts. If you're both, that's even better. Here's the description of Journey to Promontory: Imagine for a moment, one of the most important transportation events in America is about to take place. The date is May 10th, 1869 and you sense excitement in the air. A restless crowd has assembled, dignitaries have gathered, the last rail is about to be placed, two steam locomotives face each other ready to meet. The Golden Spike is driven, a cheer goes out, the band strikes up, and celebration champagne flows. The telegraph message consists of one single word, “DONE.” Viewers can transport themselves back to that day of 150 years ago through a new PBS program, Journey to Promontory. However, the story is really about more than just that single day in May. This documentary chronicles years of planning, surveying and construction as told through inter-views with some of America’s leading rail historians and supported with historical images. Learn the facts, challenges, personalities and most importantly learn about the rail workers, who turned that impossible dream into reality. Here' are our guest's bios: Richard W. Luckin - Producer Richard has been involved in video production for 37 years, and for the last 19 years his programs have aired on many PBS stations nationwide. Three of those programs have been nominated for a Regional Emmy. Other productions have garnered 44 national and local video awards. Richard has worked with Edward Herrmann (History Channel), Michael Gross (Family Ties & Tremors), and Tia Marlier (Home and Garden Channel). Marc Ricciardi - Videographer Marc has worked in media production over 35 years. He's shot news, promotional and commercial spots, industrials and documentary projects, including a dozen with Richard Luckin. Many of those works have been honored with Telly’s, Aurora’s and recognition from OMNI and the International Film and Video festival. Marc has freelanced for the major news organizations and leading cable outlets including CNN and ESPN, King World and Discovery. He has also anchored and reported local news on CBS, NBC and Tribune Network affiliates. Dirk Phannenstiel - Video and Audio Editor Dirk as been involved with audio and video for over 37 years. He's worked as an audio engineer, video technician, videographer, editor and producer. He's also been the co-founder & business manager of Media Professionals, Inc. since 1988.

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What we're about

We created the Denver Media Professionals group for three primary reasons:
1. To learn
2. To share
3. To network

We think people in the following groups would benefit from the Denver Media Professionals meetup group:

• Video and film maker (producers, directors, directors of photography, grips, gaffers, etc.)

• Audio (boom operators, sound engineers, score creators, Adobe Audition, Audacity, etc.)

• Motion Graphics (Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, etc.)

• Colorists (Adobe Speed Grade, Davinci Resolve, etc.)

• Writers (scripts, screen plays, etc.)

• Graphic artists (story boards, typography, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc.)

• Photographers (Adobe Photoshop, HDR photography, Adobe Lightroom, etc.)

• And, pretty much anyone else associated with the film and video industry in the Denver metro and State of Colorado area

Each of our meetings will include an educational topic as well as networking. The educational topic could be a quick rundown on a new cool piece of gear. Maybe it’s a tutorial on how to write a better script for a 30 second commercial. Or, we might talk about why a DSLR is a better choice in some circumstances.

Those are just three of about a 100 ideas we came up with when we originally discussed starting the group. We’re hoping to get your feedback on topics you want to cover as well.

Here’s the cool part, we really want guest speakers to help provide training, tutorials, or just great information. We can’t do it all ourselves and the group is much smarter than just a few individuals.

Send us an email with your great ideas about things we should cover. Or, send up details on topics you might like to present on.

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