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How about forming a huge band, or group of musicians, where we break into many bands, constantly evolving, or interchanging? Where we are all part of a large Never-Ending Band, or Project per say. With constant backups, intermix-able performers, based on experience, styles, and mixing it up! We could sustain altering gigs, break off sessions, like songwriting circles, side jams, even hop from one project to next, because we all have met, at one time or another, or Intro each other, as we evolve and grow in Denver Metro. Personally, i have been looking for that never ending band/project, so we start with meetUps, and break offs, and project building efforts, never mind go see live music, plan events, and parties, hit CO festivals, and become a group that Venues want to know, as we carry weight in numbers. I'd like nothing more than to meet every musician and artist in Denver, and plan events, so join me in that quest.

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