What we're about

An at-will, learn-on-the-"job" software development project, that you can use to get day-to-day experience as a software engineer. Learn to code (or code better) by taking assignments, and reporting on your work as you would in a professional Agile software team. We code in Java, and Javascript, using many popular frameworks and tools. We operate in two week sprints, and we believe in data structures, algorithms, and code reviews.

We aim to make you a believer, too. When you join, you tell us how much time you have available. Your assigned tasks will be appropriate to your level as a developer, all with the intention of making you stronger.

This group is sponsored by Savvato Software. We write the software that supports Savvato. Our first task will lay a valuable foundation for the company to grow on. Since January 2017, another Savvato group, the Denver Tech Interview Meetup, has offered mock interviews for developers, to help them prepare to pass technical software interviews.

We are going to make the Denver Tech Interview Meetup even more effective, to draw in even more people. We are going to design and implement software based on a skills matrix, which will become the basis for how Savvato provides value to
- candidates (more personal insight, tuned feedback and guidance),
- employers (more specific candidate skill/ability filters, better hires),
- and to our selves (arranging our content, remembering who we met, continuous process improvement).

You can get some idea of a skills matrix by reviewing Sijin Joseph's awesome Programmer Competency Matrix.

You will choose to be a developer on either the frontend or backend (or both!). Whichever you choose, you will learn by taking small development tasks, and doing the research necessary to implement them. We as a team are always available for you via our Slack channel.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to get the real world job, by having already done the job. We are a mock job. You make the life decision to be an awesome (or at least paid) programmer, and we give you the structure of a real world development organization, with real world situations and pressures that you take upon yourself.

All programmers, of all skill levels, who wish to become better programmers, are welcome.

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